Together we can improve our world

With your support we can increase our shared impact, healing the self while caring for Nature.

Personal healing

Help us inspire people to find their inner balance through a deep connection to the Self and to Nature. We offer yoga, meditation, forest bathing, mantra singing, and various volunteer activities to directly care for the nature surrounding our communities.

Environmental conservation

We support our sister organization, Bosque Medicinal in achieving direct conservation of the Ecuadorian Amazon rainforests. Bosque Medicinal purchases land for deep conservation, locking it away in a private reservation near the public reservation Runahurco, expanding the protected land. With Bosque Medicinal, we also offer local community education, and support further scientific investigation of the rainforests, and the life they support.

100% Volunteer and Bosque Medicinal are 100% volunteer organizations, meaning no one is taking any funds out to pay salaries or the like. This reduces our overhead, and allows us to guarantee that your support goes directly towards our shared goals of personal healing and environmental conservation.

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