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By growing our capacity to understand and care for the self we can realize our potential to care for the world around us. Along with our sister NGO, Bosque Medicinal, our conservation efforts focus on the Amazon rainforest of Ecuador.

With the help of our European partners we are also growing our care for the natural world here in Europe.


We host several events each year, predominantly in the Czech Republic. Our events include a range of themes, from conservation to self-discovery and awareness. All with the intent of helping develop a deeper and more respectful relationship with nature and with the self. The apex events of the year are our volunteer trips to help Bosque Medicinal in conserving the Amazon rainforest. We look forward to welcoming you to the jungle.

Winter 2024


Spring 2024

APRIL 1 – 21

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Late Autumn 2024

NOV. 11 – DEC. 1

Together we can improve our world

With your support we can increase our shared impact,
healing the self while caring for Nature.


Forest.ink is about inspiration. Through our actions and beliefs, we live the ideals we strive to foster in our world, thereby assisting others to do similar. We love our natural world, and this means that beyond simply admiring it, we must care for it and nurture it in the same way that nature has provided for us: with unconditional love and support.

We believe that a world where humans live in harmony with nature is possible, albeit with significant adjustments in how we lead our lives at the individual and collective level. However, we also understand that each of us only has the agency to change themself. That said, through our personal stories and behavior, we can be the spark for others to instigate their own transformation. With a combined shift in individual perspective, we can improve the trajectory of the governments, communities, and corporations that impact how we treat nature.

We care deeply for our natural world and encourage more people to consciously care for nature as well.


We deeply appreciate cooperation with our partners. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for supporting our activity either directly on the spot or remotely. Thank you for your effort and your enthusiasm in sharing a common goal.

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With your support we can increase our shared impact, healing the self while caring for Nature.

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See for yourself what we are doing in the Amazon rainforest in this documentary produced by Nedej Se of Czech television.