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Bosque Medicinal

Bosque Medicinal is our sister organization that is directly responsible for cultivating conservation and love of the Amazon rainforest in Ecuador. Bosque Medicinal focuses conservation with a 3-fold approach. Most directly, Bosque Medicinal purchases commercial land and converts it into a reservation to support a much larger public reservation in the same region, Runahurco. Along with the Universidad de Azuay, Bosque Medicinal also conducts scientific research to further an understanding and appreciation for all the life that exists in the rainforest. Finally, Bosque Medicinal also works alongside the local community to host workshops fostering a better local understanding of the rainforest and creating new sustainable economic opportunities.

When we volunteer in Ecuador we volunteer for Bosque Medicinal, staying and hosting our activities from the Bosque Medicinal refugio, or basecamp.


Sklenarka is a wonderful nature community focused on meditation, community living, and exploration of consciousness and self-awareness. Sklenarka hosts several events year-round with a wide range of themes exploring healthy-living and nature. They are also open for individual guests to come and explore the surrounding forests, or to deepen their own personal practice.

Sklenarka has supported and Bosque Medicinal from the beginning, when our projects were only dreams, and now are the official headquarters for


UNIDA, United Consortium for the Development of the Amazon (UNIDA), is a unique multi-disciplinary platform of universities, non-profit organizations and private companies working together for the sustainable development of the Amazon. The consortium was established in June 2019, based on common scientific and educational objectives, contacts and experience of all participating organizations.

Through UNIDA, and Bosque Medicinal are connected to several universities to coordinate and support further scientific research of the Amazon rainforest.

Wayusa / Amazonia Verde

Do you like goodies from Amazon rainforest? With each purchase through you support the ecological and sustainable production of Amazonian products. Even better, you also support the planting and reforestation of endangered plants through the work of Bosque Medicinal and the volunteers. Be part of the reforestation of the endangered rainforest with us.


Kantu is a Czech brand of handmade pure natural scents for yoga, home, and joy. It is inspired by the philosophy of yoga and many travels exploring other cultures. For author of the scent composition and founder Jana Štumpová Konicarová, the founder and creator of the scent compositions, the use of pure natural scents is one of the fastest ways of connecting with our true nature and Mother Earth.

Kantu is supporting through the launch of their Palo Santo-based ‘Selva’ oil and spray.

Ze Mě

Ze Mě is a place of peace and relaxation, a quiet oasis in the middle of the Prague. It is a community space that brings together people interested in the development of mental and physical health, healthy lifestyles, nature, and creative expression. A place where the spiritual meets the artistic, forming a whole that connects through genres. hosts many of its Prague-based events at Ze Mě.