The song of Mahamudra

June 22, 2018





Mahamudra is a total orgasm with the universe. If you have ever loved someone, and felt a melting and merging, the two are no longer two; the bodies remain separate, but something between the bodies makes a bridge, a golden bridge, and the duality inside disappears. One life energy vibrates on both poles. If this has happened to you, then you can understand what Mahamudra truly is. Millions and millions of times deep, and millions and millions of times high, this is Mahamudra. It is a total orgasm with the whole, with the universe. It is a melting into the source of being.

This is the deep message behind the song of Mahamudra, “Do not seek, just remain as you are, don’t go anywhere else. Nobody ever reaches God, nobody can because you don’t know the address. Where will you go? Where will you find the divine? There is no map, there is no way, and there is nobody to say where he is. No, nobody ever reaches God. It is always the reverse: God comes to you. Whenever you are ready, he knocks at your door; he seeks you when you are ready. And the readiness is nothing but a receptivity. When you are completely receptive there is no ego; you become a hollow temple with nobody in it.”

In the song, Tilopa says, “become like a hollow bamboo, nothing inside. And suddenly, the moment you are a hollow bamboo, the divine lips are on you, the hollow bamboo becomes a flute, and the song starts – this is the song of Mahamudra.” Tilopa has become a hollow bamboo, and the divine has come, and the song has started. It is not Tilopa’s song, it is the song of the ultimate experience itself.

The more they move away from traffic, the more mythical they become. They exist as myths, they are no longer events in time. This is as it should be, because they move beyond time, they live beyond time – they live in the eternity. From this dimension of our common humanity, they simply disappear, they evaporate. The moment when they are evaporating, only in that moment we remember, that much they are part of us. That’s why nothing much is known about Tilopa, nor much about who he is.

Now you should understand three words. One word is ‘Doubt’, another word is ‘Belief’, and the third word is ‘Trust’ or ‘Faith’.  What in the East is known as Shraddha. Doubt is a negative attitude towards anything. Whatsoever is said, with a mind of Doubt, you first look at it negatively. You are against it, and you will find reasons to support and rationalize your negative perspective. A mind of Belief is similar to a mind of Doubt, only placed on its head. Ultimately, there is not much difference between the two. With a mind of Belief, you look at things positively, but similarly create reasons to support and rationalize your positive outlook. The mind that Doubts suppresses Belief. The mind that Believes suppresses Doubt. They are both made of the same essence, their quality is not different. Do not create Belief against Faith or Trust. Be indifferent to both Belief and Doubt, and focus your energy towards more love, more and more love. Love unconditionally.

Not only to love another or yourself, because that is not possible. If you love, you simply love more. If you love, you simply exist in a more loving way – not only towards the master, but towards everything that exists around you: towards the trees and the stones, the sky and the earth. You, your being, your very quality of being, becomes a phenomenon of love. Then trust arises, and only with such trust can a gift like the song of Mahamudra be given. When Naropa was ready, Tilopa gave this gift.


Petra Shakti Kaur