The rainforest as a catalyst for creation

March 16, 2020






I was inspired to write this article by my friend Blesty, who asked me what staying in the rainforest gave me as an artist. My first reaction was that I don’t know if I’m an artist at all, but the truth is that we are all artists, artists of life, our own existence.

My eyes went out a few years ago after a serious injury. The love of nature, however, led me to Ecuador in the Amazon rainforest, when I opened myself to intuitive painting through my work with the herbs of power and plant teachers, in which I let my heart and soul speak freely.

I love nature. It is an endless well of inspiration for me. In the rainforest, one has a unique opportunity to connect deeply with oneself. Staying in the rainforest and working with the herbs of power helped me to fully connect with my heart, intuition, and connect to a pure source of energy, living light, the original energy from which we and everything living around us are created. I had a complete sense of unity and connection with nature in the rainforest. Because the rainforest is still unaffected by human activity, it makes it easier to connect to this virgin clean energy that breathes in every plant, animal, river, waterfall, tree, rain drop, ground under your feet … and be so in connection with the infinite space of pure inspiration and truth, in a state of open consciousness, a deep harmony with oneself and a clear direction. Artworks that arise from this space, the space of genuineness and naturalness are for me the ones that touch the hearts of others because they remind them of who they really are, their naturalness by tasting the pure primary energy of the source.

Ever since my childhood, I have been fascinated by the world of the invisible hiding behind the eyes. It has always been more important to me what I feel than what I see, and I perceive the space from which the artist creates. If his work lacks genuineness and naturalness, then his/her art don’t touch me and leave a deeper impression.

What I have learned in the rainforest – being connected to a clean source, I can practice at home in the city. This is one of the greatest gifts that the rainforest has given me in terms of painting and my art. The ability to be connected to a clean source anywhere thanks to the ability to taste it in the clearest form in the rainforest. It is also connected with the world of the invisible and the spirits that people often perceive and feel in my paintings.

I think the rainforest is an ideal place for any artist, because he/she has a unique opportunity to connect with him/herself at the deepest level and to know who he/she really is, in his/her genuine authenticity, in nudity and sincerity in front of him/herself. This is much harder in the world of all those modern technologies, social networks, relationships, etc., because one often does not have the space to be alone. In the rainforest, one clears his/her head of all the thoughts, opinions and views of others and all sorts of nonsense and can rest only with him/herself and thus know his/her true essence and open him/herself to a true source of inspiration. The rainforest thus helps to be truly conscious of yourself, to see in nakedness your authentic self, to be here and now, and to be fully aware of what is happening in our senses, body and emotions at the moment. The rainforest makes it possible to attain inner integrity and become a true artist of one’s own existence.




If you are still searching yourself, stop searching and find yourself… for instance with us in the rainforest of the Bosque Medicinal project at our forest station refugio in the Amazon rainforest in Ecuador.


With love and gratitude to the source of all life

Legal wizard,

Nicolka Svandova