Surrendering to great guidance

May 14, 2018





While leaving rainforests of Costa Rica, and reflecting on my relationship with the precious nature and the Earth herself…


It has been 3 years since I first connected with the wisdom of Master Plants.

The call to walk this path was so strong…. One night there was no other way….


It is the greatest gift that I could have received at that time:

Connection to the spirit of the Earth through the remembrance of ancient knowledge, wisdom, and understanding.

It has gifted me with access to nourishing practices that regenerate the body, mind, and spirit.

I needed to leave the mechanical constructs of the mind I’d identified with

Shake out old traumas, doubts, and beliefs

And become empty,

Ready to be filled by light

During those nights

Lying on the ground

And observing plants transforming their life form into entities interacting with the Moon

Catching the moonlight to feed their bodies, and sending the sparkling, nourished light back to the universe


Melting into the source of being, and merging with, in eternal peace – life becomes the miracle

When one is connected to the Divine Mother and Father in this way


With these experiences, the mind loses its power, is blown away, far beyond time and space

Here, in no mind no space, a free state of being

The power of manifestation become real thing


Those sleepless nights made me aware of Earth´s gifts and the sacrifices she makes for us

She is nourishing our soul from the deepest place, and as a living entity shows us how to access to the health, wisdom and wholeness within us


She is the greatest teacher of the sacred feminine, an expression of beauty which is breathing from every cell of her body


Ultimately all her teaching is about receiving and fully integrating guidance on how to feel the natural joy and appreciation for every moment of existence

Remain in a simple life, exist in a more loving and receptive way

Feel the trust and patience to fully surrender to life and great guidance


Old pattern city life was, for me, like chains

Once broken, big wings of liberation activated

Surrounded by people who support my evolution

Who understand the power of service

Who choose freedom


Like this we can achieve goals and dreams with ease, grace and flow…

All kind of manifestation become easy


Saat Nam & Hari Om


Petra Shakti Kaur