Conservation begins with the self


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At we understand that to care for our world, you you have to be healed within,  to have inner peace and balance. We help people find this balance so that they can then share this inner love with our world.

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We are a 100% volunteer organization, in order to maximize the impact of your generosity!

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We host several events designed to help reconnect with the self and with nature. It is a cyclical relationship. By caring for nature we find harmony within. Through our relationship with the natural world, and by finding inner peace, we discover a greater capacity to love and tend to our world. 


Volunteer in Ecuador

Experience the rainforest with us, and join one of our volunteer trips to the Ecuadorian Amazon! We lead small groups to experience the rainforest firsthand while contributing directly to our goals of conservation and education. While in the rainforest we volunteer for Bosque Medicinal, our sister organization dedicated to conservation, education, and scientific investigation.

We cooperate with several other non-profits for greater impact

Bosque Medicinal

Gualaquiza, Ecuador


Europe & Latin America


Kostelec nad Orlicí, Czech Republic

Amazonia, Step-in Cafe

Prague, Czech Republic

Bosque Medicinal is our sister organization committed to a combination of deep conservation, scientific investigation, and education to achieve their aim of conserving the Ecuadorian Amazon rainforest.

UNIDA, Unified in Defense of the Amazon, is a consortium of 13 Universities and NGOs throughout Europe and Latin America that have pooled their resources to pursue the shared goal of protecting the Amazon rainforest.

Sklenářka is an old villa located in the Czech countryside, and our local headquarters. Sklenářka is a meditation and natural healing center that hosts several retreats focused on healthier, more natural lifestyles, including yoga and meditation.

Amazonia, Step-In Cafe is a cafe located in Prague that hosts workshops and strives to bring the wisdom and culture of the Amazon to modern, urban lifestyles.

Occasionally we write short articles sharing our thoughts

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Our blogs contain some of our deeper life-changing experiences, opinions on waste, some tips on living more in-tune with our natural world, and we are always adding new topics.


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In order to support both our activities, and those of our sister organization, Bosque Medicinal, we conduct fundraising and offer tiered vouchers to show your support for the Amazon rainforests of Ecuador. We are a fully volunteer organization, and 100% of your donations go directly towards conservation of the Amazon rainforest and local community education.



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Our team is full of heart, and we follow our purpose, while engaged in our passions – nature and personal healing. We all feel the two are intrinsically linked. While our methods are non-traditional, we are proud that our results have been impactful and have resulted in a lasting impact for our communities.