Xoxolatl, drink of the Aztecs

recipe by Joelma Leitao, Time is Art



The power of Cacao

Since 2013, Time is Art has offered events to honor and celebrate the powers of the Cacao through music and dance. They are excited to host their first online cacao ritual with us at Uniting in Service of Amazonia!


The cacao brew is prepared according to the traditional Aztec recipe with organic raw Cocoa beans and Urucum from Amazonia, along with some additional spices. The recipe for this brew has been prepared by Amazonian Chef Joelma Leitao


After a ritual introduction of the ceremonial drink, cacao, we will enjoy Ecstatic Dance, inspired by the 5 Rhythms.

This is a free dance led by live music with a band and supplemented with a live mix by DJ and producer Tomanka.


The Cacao Ritual & Ecstatic Dance by Time is Art is an opportunity to discover the benefits of this sacred plant that open the heart. Enjoy the feeling of the freedom to express yourself in your body, and gather with benevolent dancing people.



Preparation: 5 min
Cooking: 20 min

Ingredients for 6 people

• 1.5 liters of natural water

• 100 g of cocoa nibs

• 50 g of urucum seeds

• 1 cinnamon stick

• 1 tsp of cloves

• 1 tsp of black pepper

• 4 bird’s tongue peppers (strong chilly)

For a stronger brew

•  If you want a stronger effect, add 100g of cacao paste (or cacao powder) after filtering the cacao tea.

Recipe extract from the book superaliments, trésors amériendins dans mon assiette

by Joelma Leitao, Time is Art


In a large pot, add water along with all of the ingredients, and bring to a boil.

Let it boil for about ten minutes before removing it from the heat and filtering out the solids. (Tip: You can save the cacao nibs for a 2nd batch)

Enjoy the cacao hot or cold, depending on your preference. The cacao drink keeps very well in the fridge as well.

Additional notes:

We recommend that you use raw cacao. If you are close to Prague, you can find the ingredients at Step-in, Amazonian café. If you don’t have the urucum, take it easy, the most important is the association of cacao, chilly and cinnamon.

Follow your intuition regarding the quantities. Personally i like to add cacao paste (it’s the nibs without the fat of the cacao butter).


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The Ceremony

How to setup at home


•  Please wait to drink your hot Xocolatl until after opening the sacred space. We will all drink together.

•  We also recommend that each person consumes between 4 and 7 raw cacao seeds.

•  Organize your sacred altar or space with candles, your protections, crystals, pictures, instruments, or whatever you use to make a safe and comfortable space.

•  Use incense, salvia, or palo santo smoke before the ceremony to clean and protect your space.